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In 1996, Fairview Stock Farms started with the purchase of several registered and commercial Beef Shorthorn females in central Iowa. We have been fortunate to have the ability to visit a number of Shorthorn herds in the United States and Canada. During these travels, our ideal Shorthorn image changed. While most herds exhibited quality cattle, we realized that each operation had a different target market. We began to study the history of this great breed of cattle, and realized the broad acceptance of the qualities Shorthorns can provide. However, we had to select and breed cattle based on our philosophy, resources and target market. John utilizes his PhD training in Beef cattle Nutrition and Reproduction to develop and evaluate the herd goals. Our focus has evolved to developing cattle that provide value to the commercial beef producer and purebred breeder. We have searched and selected genetics with the following attributes: moderate framed; light birth weight; low maintenance and easy fleshing; functional feet, legs and udders; the capacity to convert forage to beef; and polled. We also place an emphasis on red colored Shorthorns, but will accept roan cattle that excel in the other more important traits.

In 1998, we moved to Columbus, Nebraska, and began to grow our herd and upgrade our genetics through purchases of embryos, semen, females and bulls. We currently run 20 cows and have a cooperator herd of 30 recipient cows. Our long term goal is to develop an intense line breeding program. This will allow us concentrate the valuable and desirable traits into a uniform package. We invite you to visit our farm or call us to find out more about our cattle and program.

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